Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Poetry Review - Keepsake by Kayleigh Campbell

I've just finished reading Kayleigh Campbell's gorgeous poetry chapbook from Maytree Press, and I've dipped into Ghost Hospital by Pauline Rowe, which I will review shortly. Deryn Rees-Jones has called it 'remarkable', and I'm really looking forward to reading it from cover to cover.


Kayleigh Campbell's debut poetry collection is confident, vivid and haunting. She has an emotional maturity way beyond her years, and a true understanding of the human condition. These poems are heartbreaking, utterly honest, and deeply personal. Campbell is not afraid to show vulnerabilty, and in doing so she gives us licence to do the same. She takes us on a journey through post-natal depression, through doubt and change, through love and family relationships in transition. Her work is powerful and stark, filled with the ache of loss.

These poems are beautifully crafted, they soar and plummet, and stay with you long after you close the book.

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